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Trouvay & Cauvin SPA

Haouche Bakalem Ilot N°680 Section 03
Route de Rouiba ain taya CD 121 16012 Alger
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TROUVAY & CAUVIN Official importer of MUPRO solutions in Algeria


 MUPRO is a leading provider of high quality solutions and products in the fields of fastening technology, sound protection and fire protection. The design and manufacture of our "Made in Germany" products is based on more than 50 years of experience in this field of activity. MÜPRO products are now known and used around the world.


MUPRO products are available at our warehouse located in Oued-Smar, Algiers.

More than 100 references are in stock, you will find:


- Mounting rails: 38 * 40 - 41 * 41 - 27 * 18 - 28 * 30

- Isophonic necklaces: from 1/4 "to 8

- Mounting accessories: Double nuts, nuts, threaded rods etc ...

- Big Foot

- Consolidation brackets

- Consoles



Studies and services:


1. Technical advice:

We create project-specific fastening solutions and help you with computer-aided schematics.

2. Project support:

We assist you from the planning stage and guide you during the installation of your products on site.

3. MÜPRO planning software:

We offer various free software to help you determine your bindings.

4. MÜPRO applications:

Place your orders, do your calculations or simply search for a product on our site